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Proudly Supporting

Danger Sun Overhead


Eco Zinc x DSO

  • The Only Safe & Effective Broad Spectrum UV Filter (FDA USA)

  • Anti-Mozzie Option Free From Chemicals

  • Reef Safe / Fish Safe (NOAA USA)

  • Does Not Degrade in Temperatures Over 30 Degrees

  • UVC Protection Welder Option (40% Zinc Oxide)

  • Barrier Cream Sunscreen - Sits On Top of the Skin

Their impact?

Since the formation of Danger Sun Overhead in 2010, the Sun Safety initiative has provided education to over 80,000 workshop attendees in workplaces across Australia. Danger Sun Overhead’s services continue to be in high demand, delivering education workshops in all Australian states and territories.

What is the goal of Danger Sun Overhead?

Danger Sun Overhead objectives are to reduce the impact of Melanoma and all other skin cancers on all Australians. We do this through Awareness/Education, Prevention, Early detection, and Support of Melanoma and other skin cancers in high-risk outdoor industries, sporting bodies, and educational institutions across Australia.

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