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110g | 3.9oz


Designed for Sensitive Skin


Reef Safe Zinc Face sunscreen SPF50 is an eco-conscious sunscreen with Zinc Oxide powered by solar energy. Crafted to protect both your skin and coral reefs, our sunscreen provides high SPF coverage and an ocean-friendly formula. Whether at the beach or on outdoor adventures, you deserve a sustainable sunscreen that blends in easily and leaves no white cast. 


Available in 5 tint options.

Reef Safe Zinc Face Sunscreen SPF50

    • Eco Zinc: Our active ingredient, Zinc Oxide is sustainably powered by solar energy, reducing our carbon footprint and exemplifying our commitment to preserving the planet
    • ReefSafe Formula: Our sunscreen is consciously formulated with non-nano Zinc Oxide and is entirely free from Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, and other synthetic chemicals known to harm reefs, contributing to marine life preservation and fostering healthy reef growth
    • SPF50: provides very high UVA/UVB broadspectrum protection
    • Designed for sensitive skin: gentle and non-greasy formula that free from parabens and other harsh synthetic chemicals 
    • Blends in easily and leaves no white cast 
    • 40min water-resistant  
    • 100% Organic and Vegan: guilt-free ingredients and cruelty-free 
    • Natural Ingredients: we've packed our sunscreen with natural, skin-nourishing ingredients like sunflower seed oil to keep your skin moisturized and healthy
    • Made in Australia 
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